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Commercial Carpet

More about this material

Commercial carpets are extremely hard wearing versions of the traditional wall to wall carpets.  Commercial carpets like their cousin Carpet tiles are made of durable synthetic fibres like nylon and polypropylene but don’t have a backing material like bitumen. The synthetic fibres are easy to clean, maintain, and repair with these benefits, making them suitable for business and educational institutions alike. 

These carpets come in many styles and colours, but most come with plain, striped or a pin-dot pattern, giving great options to your design,  designs that can be simple or complex whether you need a border, guidelines to different areas or simple zoning.


Key Benefits

  • NGreat for creative design

    Make any design or look you can imagine with flexibility.

  • NLong lasting construction

    Hardwearing and easy to maintain, lasting up to 10 years.

  • NBudget friendly

    Cost effective materials

  • NEasy to clean

    Can be aqua-vacced to clean stubborn stains.

Suitable application of this flooring

  • MKitchen
  • MLiving Room
  • MDining Room
  • NHallway
  • MBedroom
  • MBathroom
  • MWalk-In Shower
  • NConservatory
  • MWarehouse
  • MIndustrial
  • NOffices
  • NClassrooms
  • NSports facilities
  • MCare & Nursing homes
  • NEntrances
  • MOutdoors

Great for creative design

Whether permanent or temporary coloured zoning can be helpful and practical in many situations. Usually, this is done with carpet tiles, but sometimes budgets don’t allow it; other times, it’s a temporary floor like an exhibition or pop-up shops.  With needle punch carpet, you can make cheaper installations that are just as effective. Zoning can be a great way of dividing up an open area like an exhibition area; you can have guiding lines to these zones when the area is large. You can’t do this with traditional carpets, but you can with commercial carpets.

Zoning can be used in academic institutions to separate breakout areas and read corners to different departments within a building.

Long lasting construction

Needle punch carpets are brilliant for facilities to open office spaces to school corridors. The synthetic construction doesn’t flatten off quickly and stops track lines from appearing, which is the leading cause for carpets to look older than their years. These hard-wearing carpets make light work of remaining in excellent condition for many years, remaining vibrant in colour, uniform in look and safe underfoot.

At some point, your carpet will wear out, it’s normal, but when the time comes to change those carpets, sustainability becomes a more significant focus for facilities managers; we have you covered. Our carpets are rated as A+ BREEAM, so we have the best carpets for the job with sustainability achieved.


Budget friendly

Our needle-punch carpets are incredibly hardwearing, but their other significant benefit is their cost.  This carpet type is highly affordable and fantastic for people working on a budget.

These carpets can last 10-20 years with regular maintenance, making their affordability even greater.  While some cheaper options maybe seem a better option, their durability is far shorter than our materials.  They tend to be thinner, and structurally they stretch and distort, looking scruffy and worn out; in some cases, holes can form in the carpet due to how thin they are.

We only supply high-quality materials that will last the test of time and give you excellent performance for years while managing your budget equally.

Easy to clean

Needlepunch carpet types are great for business and educational use as they are easy to clean; the reason behind this is the construction of the carpet.  The carpet pile is short, making it hard for dirt and debris to collect, making vacuuming easier and quicker.

Tough stains like ink can be wet washed out, and chewing gum can be frozen and scraped off.

Solution-dyed carpets like needle punch are colourfast and can be washed and scrubbed without fading or colour loss, yet another bonus of using needle punch carpets.

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