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LBT Flooring has been working with educating bodies since 1996, as a premier installer of the best performing and most affordable flooring in your industry we are Londons favourite.  We supply all material types including specialist materials like sports flooring for halls and fitness centres, to electrostatic flooring for IT, and server rooms.  We have what you need to provide the best learning facilities of the highest quality, while remaining well within budget.

We cater for early learning through school, to higher education and adult learning too.


Our range of polyproplyene carpets are a great solution for day rooms.  Soft and thick pile carpets, washable and easily maintained.


We supply all types of wood flooring, including solid and engineered.  Wood is lovely, and an excellent fit for bedrooms and brings warmth to the floor.

Sports halls

Our vinyl floors are safe and hygienic for all your bathrooms, en-suites and wet rooms. Our flooring is compatible with walk-in showers with floor drains.

I.C.T rooms

We do artificial grass ideal for care as you can have a floor flatter than a natural lawn, doesn’t require mowing and doesn’t leave grass stains on your clothing.

Fitness & exercise rooms

Our rubber flooring is fantastic for where residents are encouraged to exercise, both good on the joints for shock absorption and grippy to stop residents slipping over.

Stairs and hallways

We have adhesives and flooring which withstand the summer heat, so you can have the floor you want where you want.

Drama rooms & studios

Stone and wood effect luxury vinyl tiles, easy to clean and maintain. Great for areas where food and liquids may be dropped.

Showers & changing rooms

We supply all types of safety flooring for all areas.  Stairs, hallways, and other communal areas.

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They say there is no time like the present. So contact us now, whether you know what you need or you want some advice our team will be able to help you.

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