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Carpet tiles

More about this material

Carpet Tiles are made from Polypropylene and Nylon fibres for long-lasting endurance and performance. Carpet tiles come in a range of dimensions like 48×48, 50×50, 60×60 and 96×96 cm, but recently plank and rectangle designs have become more readily available. While carpets come in many designs, carpet tiles have become more stylish in recent times.

The designs of the carpet tiles range from stripes and block colours to random pattern and lay designs. You can have areas designated by colour or lines to direct foot traffic in a direction.  There are textured tiles, too, with multiple levels to create a design that truly stands out.  The design options of carpet tiles are enormous, giving you the ability to create the look you want.

Key Benefits

  • NHard wearing

    Very good in high traffic areas.

  • NCreative design options

    Between tiles shapes, and patetern and colour choices, carpet tiles offer one of the widest option ranges.

  • NCost effective

    Only buy what you need.

  • NEnvironmental sustainability

    Only use the materials you need, save money, save the planet.

Suitable application for this flooring

  • MKitchen
  • MLiving Room
  • MDining Room
  • NHallway
  • MBedroom
  • MBathroom
  • MWalk-In Shower
  • NConservatory
  • NWarehouse
  • NIndustrial
  • NOffices
  • NClassrooms
  • MSports facilities
  • MCare & Nursing homes
  • NEntrances
  • MOutdoors

Hard wearing

Our carpet tiles have been designed to be used in commercial premises. Our carpet tiles are made from nylon and polypropylene fibres.  This fibre type is tough wearing and retains its shape and colourfastness for over ten years.  Should you need to clean them, they can be scrubbed and washed often without distortion or colour fading.

This toughness is practical where chair caster wheels are used and won’t suffer from crushing and where have heavy traffic takes place like a reception or a corridor.  Our floors are tough enough to be cleaned of adhesives and chewing gum.

Even though these tiles are hard-wearing, there many designs to pick from, so you won’t be sacrificing style over performance.

Creative design options

We provide a wide range of design options by our in-house team of designers. We can create a bespoke look for you and your brand, making your offices or premises genuinely stand out to your clients and the competition.

Whether you have a small business or an office floor to design, we can help you. We recommend you contact us as there are too many options and design possibilities to list them all.

We also can make pathways in different colours to guide people around your building if that’s something you need, and we can inset logos into the flooring of your choice.


Carpet tiles are made from several materials like nylon, polypropylene and polyester, which are traditionally man-made materials, but manufacturers are switching to recycled materials to create the fibres and backing of the tiles; from using water bottles to fishing trawler nets, manufacturers are upcycling old materials to create floors with less environmental impact than past materials.

Carpet tiles have more advantages than just their recycled construction.  Traditional carpets are very wasteful when you have rooms that aren’t square; you have to cut off and throw away all the excess carpet.  Carpet tiles however, can be ordered in more exact quantities reducing waste considerably.

Repairs always come up from time to time with any floor, especially in the commercial and institutional environments; with carpet tiles, you can replace just the ones that are damaged rather than the entire floor.

Low maintenance option

One of the main strengths of carpet tiles is how easy they are to look after.  Their design means that the pile is short, which reduces crushing and flattening off of the pile while minimizing dust and debris accumulation, which allergy sufferers will appreciate.  Most of the time, carpet tiles can be vacuumed clean, should the dirt be more stubborn, steam cleaning or wet vaccing can be done to deep clean the tiles and remove those stubborn marks.  Wet cleaning types work well with carpet tiles as the low pile doesn’t hold much water and can be walked on in a relatively short time compared to traditional carpets.

The advantages of carpet tiles and their maintenance mean your costs are lower, your floors are smarter looking for longer and your rooms remain in use without delays from cleaning.

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