Impervious Carpet

Hardwearing, Cleanable

Impervious carpets, for specialist care.

The care industry has particular needs with its flooring needs. Needs like being able to withstand the conditions in a care or nursing home, but lasting long periods of time. There are flooring materials like vinyl which are highly practical, but they look sterile and cold, clinical if you prefer. Traditional carpets look and feel luxurious but wear very quickly with high traffic use that is seen in a care home and is costly to replace with such short service life. The second problem is the construction of the carpets makes them susceptible to damage by soiling from dirt and liquids.

In these environments, LBT Flooring would recommend a secondary backed carpet. The reason we would recommend this carpet construction is based on two things.

The top pile is made of either nylon or polypropylene yarn that are highly resistant to dirt and liquids. Carpet cleaning solutions can be used without fear as these yarns remain colourfast and remain presentable throughout their service life with regular cleaning. The backing is made from a range of latex’s whether rubber, foam or gel these stop any liquids including cleaning solutions from reaching the subfloor, this stops bacteria or cleaning solvents from breaking down the adhesive bond to the subfloor. It also prevents bacteria from growing out of sight, creating foul odours.

We would recommend impervious secondary backed carpet for many areas, but it isn’t always suitable. Our service team can identify your flooring needs and suggest the right materials for your intended use with all our design suggestions we make considerations for the Health and Safety of the residents. Some other companies will cut corners, using inferior materials at the expense of safety, but when it comes to safety, there can be no compromise.

Impervious carpet fitted to a assist living bedroom.
Striped carpet fitted to day room of a care home.
Impervious carpet fitted to a nursing room day room.

Key Benefits.


Materials designed to last for years without replacement and can be cleaned time and time again without signs of wear.


While an embarrassing subject we are all human and accidents can happen with Impervious carpet these accidents can be cleaned up and sanitised easily, without recurring odours.

Bleach proof*

Some stains are very difficult to shift, some do not respond to normal carpet cleaning systems, impervious carpets can be cleaned with bleach.

It feels like home.

Care homes to thousands of people are the place they call home, impervious carpets look and feel the same as those you would have at home only far more practical.


This technology inhibits the growth of microbes by disrupting multiple functions required for bacterial maintenance and reproduction.

Noise reduction.

The thick pile and backing construction of gel, rubber and foam reduce foot traffic noise substantially creating peaceful environments.

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