Our History

Our History.

Whenever you consider using a company to carry out work it is always good to have an understanding of that company and its history.  Knowing a company’s history can give you a good indication as to how experienced they are.  It can also give you insight into how they operate.  We believe honesty is the best practice for business and by giving you a detailed history you can fully evaluate whether we meet your needs.


As a company which has operated for 70 years in the flooring industry, substantial base of experience and knowledge in the Domestic and Commercial markets.  That experience means were capable of creating the perfect design, specification and installation of all flooring materials giving you the confidence to use us as your preferred flooring company.

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Coming soon…

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Huge year for LBT Flooring, huge! 

Luke and Del are now your company directors keeping a hand on the rudder maintaining the course and ideals the company holds dear. Luke continues what his father Brian started and Del being our new chief estimator trained by Brian you will feel right at home with the new senior team. So while the original Directorship has now stepped back to enjoy retirement the company remains very much what it has always been, a company with a long history, good business practises, and excellent prices. The team continue to do what they do best with more online activity, streamlined digital e-paper systems for quicker estimating and invoicing. 

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In 2018 we have identified the need to provide more coverage to our Domestic customers. The company is now handling a larger residential interest in our workload. We are introducing more methods of contacting us like Social Media. We have also made some changes to our premises and now have a showroom for our Domestic customers to come to visit. We also offer a home visit service, where our estimators can visit you at home and provide you with samples to choose from and we can supply you with a no-obligation quotation, free of charge.  Due to these changes we needed more people to help out, so Frank joined our team. Frank comes from a varied background which gives him an eye for the details and is very particular, and he’s always making sure the customer is happy with what we provide, We’re sure you’ll love Frank and how he works.

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Times changed for us in 2017.  A lot in fact, The company has now been running for sixty-eight years since we first started and the business is to be past down again to another generation. While Reginald past the company to Michael his son, the torch passes to Brians son Luke, and Del who has worked with the company for many years.

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With the world becoming more connected by the internet we discovered a new problem.  Our name of Lancashire Flooring didn’t sit well with search engines, well it did if we were based in Lancashire.  This proved a problem as Our local customers couldn’t find us, all the while we kept getting phone calls from Lancashire. We are now called LBT Flooring due to this problem.  The Acronym came from the first initial of the surnames of the directorship, we redesigned our brand while we were at it as it had 16 years since we updated it last.

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As with all companies when you increase your workload your need for space needs increases in parallel. That workload means you’ll need the capacity to handle that work.  So in May of 2014, Del joined the company to help handle the extra workload.   Our larger team increased our ability to cover more work and to serve you with the high standards you’ve come to expect of LBT Flooring.

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When the new premises was taken on by Lancashire Flooring we called in some family help to get the new building ready for trade.  Brians son, Luke joined the team to help out setting up.  He joined our team and became a Job Estimator and eventually worked as our Health and Safety advisor.  He also manages all our IT and this website.

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 Lancashire Flooring continued moving forward, expansion was inevitable as our workload increased our premises became our Achilles heel as we simply didn’t have enough room for all the stock we required. The decision was made and the company acquired a new warehouse in the Loughton area where we would have the ability to cope with our increased work demand continuing our great service.

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43 years later the company was restructured into a limited company with three Directors at the helm; Brian a businessman working with Reginald in years previously became technical expert, while Martin was in charge of financial matters and the shop in Hoe street when the company was R.S.B. Lancashire previously. Michael is the son of Reginald, who had since retired from the business, with the company now trading under the name of Lancashire Flooring Limited we were ready to move forward in the Contract sector of the market where more and more work was coming from.

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Six years later Reginald made the decision to expand the Lancashire brands presence in Hoe street with the help of Fullers builders.  Reginald commissioned the building of a large unit on the corner of Aubrey road next to the first shop in Walthamstow.

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The business increased at Hoe street and another shop was opened in Loughton, the shop was next to Cramphorns, the garden retailer which later was known as Wyvale. The shop was on the High road and like Hoe street had a strong trade expanding the company’s position as a larger retailer.

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The business was still increasing so a third shop was opened in South Street, Bishop’s Stortford. Initially, the shop was quieter than the other two shops, but once other businesses moved into the area people became aware of the shop and made it as busy as the other two shops.

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A few years after the war Reginald Lancashire founded the original company known as R.S.B. Lancashire which opened as a retail store at 13a Hoe street in Walthamstow, East London. The shop was located at the quieter end of the street but traded well regardless of it’s location and became the foundations of the company which continues today.


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