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More about this material

Linoleum, or Lino for short, is a hard floor covering made from sustainable materials like vinyl. Lino is a smooth thin hard material; however, Lino is made of all-natural products, unlike vinyl, a synthetic material.  Lino is sustainable and easily recycled, unlike vinyl which cannot. 

Lino is an excellent material for allergy sufferers. It offers nowhere for allergens to hide, and the linseed oil within Lino helps destroy MRSA, making it a perfect choice for medical environments.  Linoleum comes in one of the broadest colour choices and comes in a range of patterns too.


Key Benefits

  • NLogos and Slogans

    You can have logos and slogans inset into your new floor.

  • NAllergy UK approved

    Great for allergy sufferers, whether dust, pollen or pet.

  • NSustainable material

    Made from entirely natural materials, completely sustainable.

  • NHealth & hygiene

    One of the only materials to naturally erdicate MRSA

Suitable application of this flooring

  • NKitchen
  • NLiving Room
  • NDining Room
  • NHallway
  • NBedroom
  • NBathroom
  • MWalk-In Shower
  • NConservatory
  • MWarehouse
  • MIndustrial
  • NOffices
  • NClassrooms
  • NSports facilities
  • MCare & Nursing homes
  • NEntrances
  • MOutdoors

Logos and slogans

Linoleum is an excellent material, and we can produce logos and slogans to be inset into the floor’s design; this could be in a main entrance, a hall or any areas you may wish.  All we need from you is your ideal or an image of your design, and our in-house team will recreate the design for our installers to fit with your new floor.

Lino is very flexible and has a wide range of design uses.  Lino can also be installed in a coved format to wall edges which is helpful for hygiene and cleaning reasons.  There are so many options of what you can do with lino.

Allergy UK Approved

Lino is a perfect flooring type for those who suffer from allergies, whether dust, pollen, pet or pollution.  Forbo linoleum doesn’t harbour any debris, dirt or allergens, while the Lino itself doesn’t release any toxic vapour, which can be an allergen. Allergy UK recognises Lino and recommends Linoleum to anyone who has allergies, and they give lino their seal of approval, specifically Forbo Marmoleum.

If you need hard flooring at your business or home that can be used in nearly every situation, you could use vinyl, but suffer from allergies, then Lino is the flooring for you.


Most Linoleum floors are mistaken for vinyl, a man-made material as a by-product of petroleum; vinyl is effectively a plastic sheet, which is awkward to produce and recycle something that isn’t good for the environment.  

Linoleum is a natural flooring material and is made up of 97% natural raw materials, 72% of which are rapidly renewable, and the other 43% is recycled content.   So linoleum is biodegradable and safe for the environment while having the lowest cost of ownership of any hard floor covering available to the customer.  

We recommend Lino to anyone considering vinyl as it has many benefits to the environment and health.

Health & Hygiene

Even though Lino is a natural product, it is highly durable and is resistant to diluted acids, oils, fats and most conventional solvents. This durability makes Lino capable of lasting for 30+ years, making Lino environmentally safe and economically sound. It can be used in nearly all situations, including bathrooms, kitchens and dining rooms.

Linoleum is made from linseed oil, flax, rosin, wood flour, limestone and jute. Linseed oil has Bio-static properties meaning it can fight bacteria and germs, like MRSA, which have become a severe threat to peoples health, and studies have proven that the linseed oil kills off MRSA. This makes Lino ideal for NHS buildings, Doctors surgeries and even Veterinary practices; we even recommend it in administration areas in care and nursing homes.


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