Luxury Vinyl Tiles

Wood effect, Bevelled, Stone Effect

Luxury Vinyl Tiles aka LVT

Would you like a wooden floor but are concerned about cleaning and damage caused by high heeled shoes and grit and dirt?

Would you like a stone floor but you don’t like the idea of a cold floor which is slippery when wet?

Then Luxury vinyl tiles or plank designs may be your ideal floor.  LVT or Luxury Vinyl Tiles as there also known are now one of the best alternatives to traditional materials like Wood and Stone floors.  One of the biggest concerns people have with materials which mimic others is the quality of the imitation. People associate copies as cheap copies or replicas, LVT flooring isn’t a cheaper material, it’s a material with extra advantages.  LVT flooring is based on Vinyl flooring which has an imitation print of wood or stone, a natural assumption by a majority of people is that the flooring is smooth with a flat printed image which repeats often. While it may look similar, you couldn’t mistake it for the genuine article.

Technology has moved forward so that the level of authenticity is in parallel with the real article. Materials now feature wood planks that feature bevelled edges creating indents between wood planks with random patterns to hide the repeat of the plank designs which feature a grain effect much like real wood. Stone effect offers the same level of quality stones has a surface representative of the actual stone.  Slate, as an example, has raised areas with grout being lower and rough. We would be surprised if you could tell without really close inspection that Luxury vinyl tiles, LVT were used instead of real wood planks or stone tiles.

So you’re now wondering where the advantages are?

Wood flooring is susceptible to water ingress damaging the edges, and sharp objects can damage the top surface. Water can make planks warp and bend pushing them off the floor or push away from each other. This creating gaps, some wood types if soaked can burst, so the edges are entirely ruined. High heels, stones and other hard objects can scratch and dent the top surface making the floor look worn and tired well before it’s service life is over. A Luxury vinyl tile can resist the water ingress as they cannot absorb water, making warping a thing of the past. The re-enforced top surface can withstand shoe grit, stones, dirt and other sharp objects.

Stone tiles are very strong in comparison to the wood, resistant to water, tough to scratch, but do suffer from being very slippery when damp or wet. If you manage to scratch the stone, it is then complicated to repair as the stone tile will need to be dug out and replaced. Stone effect tiles can have an anti-slip finish. The anti-slip finish reduces the likeliness of a fall when wet, and this can be useful in entrances where people may walk in with wet footwear. While the tiles are more accessible to damage than solid stone, they are straightforward to replace without disturbing the surrounding tiles, making maintenance and repairs cost-effective.

Key Benefits.

Stone effect.

It may look like stone, but it can have an anti-slip finish to stop people falling over if the floor is wet. That makes them a safer solution and gives you peace of mind. 

Wood effect.

Washable with detergent and a mop without worrying about damaging the planks from water ingress, they can also be scrubbed to remove stubborn stains which would damage or dull the wood polish. In contrast, the wear coat on vinyl is unlikely to be damaged. 

For more information on luxury vinyl materials LVT, please look at the smooth vinyl section which will give you a better understanding of vinyl flooring, if you have any questions not answered here, please contact us.

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