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More about this material

LVT vinyl is vinyl flooring designed to look like wood or stone, and sometimes exotic materials like steel checkerplate and cut into tiles or planks.  LVT is part of the vinyl family and can feature textured surfaces like wood grain or raised finishes like stone.

LVT flooring really shines when you look at the benefits of having a vinyl floor covering, which looks like materials that are more susceptible to damage than vinyl, like wood or stone.  Wood can be damaged by wood, while stone can be porous and stain easily with oils and chemicals.  LVT isn’t indestructible, but it offers easy cleaning and maintenance, and if it does get wet or marked, it is easier to replace LVT than it is to change wood or stone tiles.

The other area of interest is cost.  LVT is cheaper than raw materials like wood or stone, yet you have more convenience with LVT.

LVT is ideal when you want a luxury floor covering without all the hassle of one.

Key Benefits

  • NLow Maintenance costs
  • NUnderfloor heating compatible
  • NMoisture resistant

    You can have a wood look floor in your bathroom

  • NHuge range of options

Suitable application of this flooring

  • NKitchen
  • NLiving Room
  • NDining Room
  • NHallway
  • NBedroom
  • NBathroom
  • MWalk-In Shower
  • MConservatory
  • MWarehouse
  • MIndustrial
  • NOffices
  • MClassrooms
  • MSports facilities
  • NCare & Nursing homes
  • NEntrances
  • MOutdoors

Low maintenace costs

LVT flooring is an excellent product because of the low maintenance costs.  If you were to have a stone floor, you would need to have it sealed to stop stains appearing, but you will lose some of the styles you bought the stone for, while wood requires regular upkeep and any liquids must be dealt with immediately, or you will end up with boards distorting and watermarks forming.

LVT is more resilient and will shrug off water, dirt and mild chemicals, giving you confidence in your floor looking and performing like new for years to come.  Sweeping and mopping is all that is needed to maintain the floor, saving you time and money.

Underfloor heating compatible

LVT flooring is an excellent choice for underfloor heating.  Unlike wood (which can be used within very tight tolerances), LVT is stable and doesn’t expand or contract. This stability is excellent for having your hard floor warm by electric underfloor heating or the primary heat source in your house with wet underfloor heating.

Heat transfer from the subfloor to the LVT is excellent with quick heat-up times and superior watts per square meter than the likes of carpet and wood, giving you lower running costs and higher output.

We would recommend speaking to us and your underfloor heating supplier so we can supply you with the best option for your chosen setup. 

Moisture | Stain resistance

LVT flooring is a very stable material which means it doesn’t expand or contract and remains the same regardless of temperature; it’s one reason it’s suitable for underfloor heating.  The heat won’t affect the material.

The other qualities of the material are its resistance to liquids and staining.  The PVC layer will be unaffected by water with only long term exposure to the tile joints being affected.  As long as spills are dealt with, your floor will remain unmarked.  This PVC layer also resists staining very well, and mild bleach can be used to clean stubborn marks and kill bacteria as well.

Huge range of options

LVT flooring has one of the largest ranges of options for any floor covering.  Whether you like the idea of wood, stone, there is a colour and design for you.

You can have skinny or wide planks for wood effect, you can even have herringbone or basket weave wood, or if you prefer stone, you can have plank, tile, hex or pavestone. The options are endless, and that’s before you mix and match two materials together to create a striking design or two different colours with the same pattern.

You have the potential to create a floor unique to you and your home.

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