Stairways Refreshed

Communal interiors refreshed and brought up to date.

Community living refreshed.

Recently we were recommended to Mr Curnow a local residential property management agent regarding two communal areas requiring new carpeting throughout.

We consulted Mr Curnow on his needs, and set out the best options for those needs.  We recommended using a impervious carpet with heavy mottling to hide any future spills should they occur. This carpet is capable of wet cleaning without damaging the carpet meaning it is ideal for areas used by many people with occasional spills. When we viewed the residential staircase we suggested fitting stair stringers to improve the appearance of the staircase from the side. Stringers in case you were wondering are angles which fit on the side of the staircase enclosing the carpet hiding the adhesion of the carpet to the steps and the backing itself. To compliment these stringers we put forward Aluminium stair nosing’s as required by Building Regulations Doc K+M and British standards BS8300:2009+A1:2010 BS9266:2013 for slip resistance and colour blindness needs. By using nosings the nose of the stair will be shielded from wear maintaining a better look for longer, while improving safety.

We worked with Mr Curnow to create a schedule that would suit himself and the residents of the properties adjacent to the staircase, while getting the work done as swiftly as possible. It took 2 weeks to complete both residential staircases.

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