Revisiting old steps

You're not gonna miss this installation. Bright, Vivid, RED.

Another step forward.

As a continuation of a previous project, we fitted an additional colourful staircase but this time in bright red.  One of our regular clients asked us to renew the rear staircase flooring because after many years of foot traffic the stairs were starting to look very worn and becoming unsafe for visitors. To Repair the treads which were sunken on either side from long term foot traffic we need to repair the granite staircase before we could proceed.

The steps were repaired with granite and latex smoothing compound to make the treads flat again. We used shuttering to hold this in place while drying. Once completely dry the stairs were then sanded and prepped for installation of the new Polysafe standard Tarasafe standard which we coved to the staircase with precision fit to the handrails. This was done on all 3 stories.

To finish and complement the installation Gradus nosings were selected from the HD range with a contrasting black insert to minimise wear and create improved footing. To keep the ingress of dirt to a minimum the ground floor was fitted with an entrance matting from the Heckmondwike battleship range in Anthracite stop dirt debris and water coming in from outside.

The installation took approximately 3 days.

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