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One of our clients contacted us recently because unfortunately, they had a water leak.  Our client contacted their insurance company who requested them to seek out a new for like for like in materials and quality. That’s when we got the call.

Due to the water damage from the roof, we needed to pull up the existing materials and leave the subfloor to dry out as it had soaked right through.  Because of the large area, it took us 2 days to remove the floor before leaving it open to breathe for 5 days. This breathing times gives the subfloor time to dry through thoroughly as moisture causes all manner of problems for installing a floor let alone it staying down thereafter.  We always take measurements to read humidity in floors leak or not to make sure your subfloor is ok and that our installation will last the lifetime of the material.

The subfloor was assessed and due to its construction required little modification to make it suitable for the new floor to be installed.  We used some of our patch repair materials as needed to create a nice smooth subfloor for the new flooring.  We installed Forbo Allura flex in waxed oak, on a tackifier adhesive to hold it in situ.

We covered 525m² in 2 weeks and we feel the pictures speak volumes about the finish.

School hall
School Hall
School Hall

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