Multi-use hall

School hall used for sports and lunches.

Natural design.

We were contacted by a local School in London who needed new flooring to both their Halls. The school specified it wanted something which met safety standards but looked like a traditional floor, safety vinyl had been suggested but it looked too clinical and was found to be too rough from a cleaning and maintenance point of view.

We made the suggestion of Polyflor Wood fx safety vinyl which uses a wood plank effect with a random plank design with a discrete abrasive to look more natural while continue to provide the slip resistance which they required. Cleaning issues are minimized by using a discrete abrasive, unlike standard safety flooring.

The project was carried out over 7 days to the two large halls. All old materials were removed with the sub-floor being prepared with a smoothing agent to restore flat uniformity to it. The material was then installed on the manufacturers recommended flooring adhesive and allowed to bond. Once dry the seams of the material were then welded to ensure the flooring is waterproof (yes, waterproof wood) with perimeter edges being sealed with silicone finisher.

Our client expressed their satisfaction with the flooring, craftsmanship, and attitude of our installers.


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