Raising the Floor

Premium carpet tiles, for a Premium office.

Premium Carpet tiles.

We recently refitted an office space using Milliken’s carpet tiles. The office space had been used for several years before the building manager decided to regenerate the whole building.  After the electricians and decorators had done their part, we proceeded to sort out the floor.  We removed the old tiles and cleaned down the subfloor attending to the raised access panels as needed to make a better, smoother transition to the floor boxes.  This required latex smooth compound and plywood where necessary.  The carpet tiles were then laid, which took a little over a week including making good to the top of all the floor boxes with fresh plates to the doorways.

Milliken tiles have a unique cushioned back, providing a carpet like feel underfoot, which adds to the feeling of a more premium material which provides a more prestigious look and feel to the office.

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