Spiralling down

How we made an old staircase usable for the future.

Bringing new life to old stairs.

We are bringing new life to old stairs.

A local school requested our help with their staircase. The stairs in question was a spiral design featuring half-landings. Through many years of use, the wooden treads had become deformed and required remedial work. The treads were shuttered and filled with a smoothing compound to level out the unevenness. We then applied plywood to the tread using adhesive and screw fixings to create a solid base for our flooring to be installed.

Once the steps were repaired, Polyflor XL pu in colour Tanzanite blue was installed. This smooth vinyl is ideal for stairs as it is easy to clean and very hardwearing with a protective PU coating making it harder for dirt to stick. The school staircase originally had stair nosings which we replaced with the Gradus double-channel aluminium as with age the original nosing had become bent and worn. The Gradus nosings are designed to be highly durable and resist bending due to their construction providing years of use without issue.

There were four flights of stairs which took one week to complete.

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