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Rubber isn’t just for sports flooring; you’ve probably seen rubber flooring before without realising it. Have you ridden on a train or bus? Well, those floors are always rubber with a coloured fleck; this is a unique product made to meet the stringent fire regulations required by public transport (Fire, smoke and toxicity compliant to BS6853 Class 1A, EN45545 HL2)

While rubber isn’t the first hard flooring to come to mind, there is a reason to think about rubber instead. If you have any area which will receive high levels of foot traffic, we would recommend rubber, as it’s capable of outlasting alternatives of Vinyl or Linoleum.

Rubber flooring being robust means lower maintenance requirements than its rivals. It can go longer between cleaning cycles. While the material is sturdy, it is still a soft material, making it an excellent sound insulator, reducing the sound of people moving throughout the carriage area.

Another area where transport rubber flooring differs from Vinyl or Linoleum is in its weight. The rubber used in transportation is made to be lightweight, creating fuel savings in the running of your vehicles; whether bus or train, these materials can save on fuel costs over the vehicle’s service life.

Buses & coaches

Our rubber flooring is a great fit for buses and coaches.  Ribbed entrances and exit sections, with skirting for a waterproof finish. We can add edging colours and illuminous guidelines for emergencies.

Over & underground trains

We also do flooring for trains and train stations. Rubber flooring for the trains and areas near platforms, much like our buses rubber, they can have ribbed surfaces for visually impaired persons for identifying edges of the platform.

Taxis & minicabs

Our floors are suitable for taxis too.  Long lasting, durable available in lots of colours, and designs.  Can withstand suitcase castors and wheels as well as knock and bangs of other items.

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