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More about this material

Rubber flooring is ideal for the fitness world, where it’s all about giving that extra 10% pushing your limits. With that mindset of extreme performance, you’ll want a floor that will match that mindset giving you extra performance and endurance where it matters. Weight rooms need strength to withstand the impacts of weights, while sports halls need elasticity underfoot to reduce skeletal shock injuries.

Whether you need rubber flooring for your gymnasium or your basketball court, we have suitable materials. We can install court markings too, supplying you with a complete solution to your needs making your facilities the best available.

Key Benefits

  • NDurable hardwearing

    Extremely hardwearing material able to withstand industrial application.

  • NImpact resistant
  • NNoise reduction

    Building regulation approved

  • NSports federation approved

    Approved for use at the Olympic level of competition.

Suitable application of this flooring

  • MKitchen
  • MLiving Room
  • MDining Room
  • MHallway
  • MBedroom
  • MBathroom
  • MWalk-In Shower
  • MConservatory
  • NWarehouse
  • NIndustrial
  • MOffices
  • MClassrooms
  • NSports facilities
  • NCare & Nursing homes
  • NEntrances
  • NOutdoors

Industrial warehouses

When we say rubber flooring can handle impact damage, it can also withstand high levels of weight.  You can use rubber flooring in warehouses where forklift trucks move about without damage; few floor types can handle that.

Rubber is excellent for staff to stand on for extended periods reducing fatigue and increasing comfort for staff walking about the warehouse, keeping staff aware and wake to dangers within the warehouse.

Gyms & Fitness centres

Whether you run a gym, fitness centre, or personal trainer, you need facilities that meet all your training needs.  Our floors can be used for a wide variety of training sessions.

If you train with weights, our floor can withstand the impacts of dropped weights without sustaining damage.  If you do resistance training pushing weights on the floor, we have a floor that can handle that friction—running and Jumping, aerobics? We have floors that dampen skeletal shocks.

Whatever your workout is, we have a floor that can keep up with your routine.

Building Regulations

Rubber is brilliant at reducing noise and vibrations due to its characteristics as a flooring material. These characteristics meet Part E of the Building Regulations in the UK, which is about new builds and renovations of old meeting higher standards for noise reduction and thermal efficiency increases. 

Rubber absorbs noise far better than Vinyl flooring and is efficient at insulating the building to a higher standard, making it a great alternative to vinyl.

Sustainability is another area where rubber is better than vinyl; it is a natural material, a sustainable material in hard flooring.  It can be recycled easier and reduces the carbon footprint of the building—something which is to be added to building regulations soon.

Ball predictability

Our rubber floors are compatible with sports with predictable ball bounce, which can be an issue with incompatible floors.  It can lead to unfair and illegal games in professional games as the ball will act randomly when bouncing off the floor.

Our floors don’t do this as they are engineered for sports, and some are even Olympic competition approved.  Our floors are designed and installed with your needs in mind; if you need the sports floor to be multi-use, we can facilitate that or give you the perfect floor for sports with beautifully presented court markings.

All our floors come in a range of colours for your chosen sport, including a wood effect, which looks like natural wood but far more practical.  Whatever your need we can help you.

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