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Safety Vinyl

More about this material

Safety vinyl is a unique material design specifically with anti-slip resistance being key.  Our Safety vinyl is excellent for most applications where areas are constantly wet, the risk of someone falling increases, especially if the practicality of keeping the area dry isn’t feasible. The material features a mix of abrasive aggregates on the surface, which offer increased grip when wet compared to smooth vinyls. There are safety vinyls with raised textures for higher grip levels and new materials with a textured surface using colours aggregate.

Safety vinyl floors are an excellent option for many room types.  Primarily safety vinyl floors are a suitable choice for any area which is wet often.  The most extensive use of safety vinyl flooring is from walk-in shower rooms in homes to changing rooms at gyms and swimming pools. This isn’t the limit of this flooring type; commercial kitchens where water, oils and food preparation excess is misplaced is another area where our safety vinyl shine.

Key Benefits

  • NSlip resistance

    Whether water or oil, our safety vinyls reduce slips significantly.

  • NDifferent levels of grip

    There are different materials for different scenarios

  • NCompatible with all wall types*

    Our safety coving is compatible with all wall types as long as there are no skirting boards.

  • NCoved skirting compatible

    Great for curving up the skirting and creating a waterproof perimeter to the room.

Suitable application of this flooring

  • NKitchen
  • MLiving Room
  • MDining Room
  • NHallway
  • MBedroom
  • NBathroom
  • NWalk-In Shower
  • MConservatory
  • NWarehouse
  • NIndustrial
  • NOffices
  • NClassrooms
  • MSports facilities
  • NCare & Nursing homes
  • NEntrances
  • NOutdoors

Slip resistance


All our safety vinyl is tested to be slip resistive in several scenarios. These include a sloped surface, liquids including oil and shoed or barefoot to ensure they assist in keeping you on your feet.  These tests are standardised tests to ensure that you will have a rating that covers all materials by all manufacturers, so you know where you stand regarding the choices available.

All our floors are slip rated to give varying levels of slip resistance, dependent on what the floor is being used for; we recommend you speak to our team to discuss your needs.

Materials for different scenarios


All our flooring has suitability depending on your needs.  Our safety vinyl floors range from a normal aggregate for areas like receptions, workshops and toilets. We have colour matched, which are more aesthetically pleasing for walk-in showers, bathrooms and home kitchens. We have studded materials for swimming pool areas, changing rooms, public showers and assisted living for those unsteady on their feet.

Whatever your scenario is, we have a safety vinyl suited to your needs, with our team can guide you to a floor that matches your needs, complies with legislation, and keeps everyone safe.

Ceramic tile & PVC wallcladding

Our cove floor can be fitted in various situations and is fully compatible with ceramic tile systems, PVC wall cladding like Atro white rock and standard walls.  That means you can have cove in a corridor, a shower room or a commercial kitchen as just a few examples.  You can have cove anywhere you don’t have a skirting board fitted at the time of installation.  That’s to say you could have a contactor removed your skirting boards and plaster the wall, and have coving fitted.

We recommend you contact us for a complete list of your available options.

Coved skirting

We can cove our floor to the perimeter wall creating a waterproof perimeter.  This is a practical solution in walk-in showers and any area that gets wet, like swimming pools.  If you had a standard skirting to become soaked through and damaged by the water, the coved material doesn’t have such weaknesses and can be mopped and scrubbed clean.

The benefits of coving also apply to cleaning. The shape of the floor is curved rather than a right angle means that it is easy to mop and clean thoroughly; the sharp bend is much harder to clean and maintain as you can’t get a mop into the tight angle and leads to the build-up of bacteria which can cause disease and smells.  Cleaning a right angle requires more time and generally increases maintenance costs.  Our materials are also fully compatible with floor drain systems, whether a gully or around, square drain hole.

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