Safety Vinyl

Wet area suitable, Slip-Resistant

How is safety vinyl different?

When considering a floor for your premises you must consider the safety aspects. Smooth vinyl can meet many requirements but one area it can struggle with is liquids,  when vinyl is wet it can be very slippery depending in on the amount of water,  this can be very dangerous especially in public buildings where the public may visit or visitors to your business may also be at risk.

Safety vinyl has been designed to combat this issue. The material is altered by adding silicon carbide flecks which act as an abrasive. This increases friction and underfoot grip. Silicon carbide looks like millions of metal filings and sometimes “twinkle” in the light giving it a distinctive look. Safety flooring is rough to the touch and tends to look cold because of the metallic fleck.  Because of this roughness mops are worn down quickly and machine cleaning is usually recommended in areas of high soiling.  Recently manufacturers are now using coloured quartz instead of the silicon carbide, the result is a more pleasing finish to the eye as the fleck is almost invisible, while being gentler on hand mops. This material still maintains the slip resistance of silicon carbide, while being smoother to the touch.

Vinyl can be fitted in two different ways. Straight laid where it runs from wall to wall and tucks under the skirting for a nice seamless finish. The other option is cove forming, where we shape the vinyl and curve the material up the wall you probably have seen this in surgeries, hospitals and swimming pool changing rooms. Using cove forming you can eliminate skirting boards which can suffer from water ingress causing damage. It also makes cleaning the floor easier as the lack of a corner stops dirt and bacteria from accumulating between the skirting board and the floor. This reduces cleaning time and improves hygiene to the area.

We can install set in or set on coving trim if required instead of running the material up the wall, should you need it for your design purposes or practical reasons.  Cove forming  is fully compatible with ceramic tile systems, PVC wall cladding like Atro white rock and normal walls.  We’ll happily discuss the options with you if you contact us.

Available finishes


Safety vinyl flooring is the main commercial hard flooring solution for many high traffic areas. Safety vinyl flooring has a excellent wear rating in tests making it a suitable material for entertainment venues like the O2 arena, West End theatres, Cinemas, Clubs and Conference venues due to ability to withstand millions of foot steps. We have ranges of vinyl where their colouration is the same from the top surface to the backing by using this design structure even when the flooring is heavily worn after many years of service it will still look like new.


Studded materials have small raised dots or studs all over in a uniform print. These dotted materials are the ones which are appropriate to use in areas where they are generally wet a lot of the time like swimming pool areas, changing rooms, showers. The studs add extra grip for bare feet in wet conditions ensuring your footing is maintained while walking about or showering. You cannot walk on this floor type wearing footwear as the studs will wear down diminishing the anti-slip properties of the floor.

Easy to clean

In most cases a quick brush down with a broom or a washing the floor with a mop can be done removing 99% of the dirt. Polishing and buffing the floor are generally unnecessary because of the safety aggregate, however should you wish to do so you can clean the floor using machine floor scrubbers to clean the surface.


There is a new hybrid material to address the need for having areas accessible both by barefoot and footwear. This material is smooth like regular safety vinyl but rated for wet area use like showers. Aquarius by Altro is currently the only manufacturer making this product in a range of colours for more information please contact us.


Vinyl is a very useful material from it construction to it design and colour choices vinyl flooring can suit many different areas. for many different users needs. Whether you need a solid colour, marbled, patterned, wood or stone effect there is a smooth vinyl available, making smooth vinyl a material covering a wide spectrum of uses. Should your needs require a safety vinyl instead we can help with that too.


Smooth as the name suggests are relatively smooth all over bar the small undulations within the mix of the silicon carbide or quartz. You would normally use this in areas like entrances. corridors and areas that spills are likely to occur, like in a kitchen. Footwear can be worn on this type of flooring without issues. Safety flooring cannot be sealed or polished as this will stop the anti-slip properties from working, if you wish to do this to your vinyl floor you will need smooth vinyl flooring.


Resist the Slip

Don’t make a mis-step with your floor.